Climate change challenges

Average annual UK rainfall 1960-2013 Met Office

Climate-proof: Why contractors need to adapt buildings and infrastructure to resist climate change


The recent devastating weather caused enormous damage to buildings and infrastructure. Contractors have a crucial role to play in adapting the built environment to resist climate change, but what steps must the industry take now to meet these challenge?

Paul Toyne

Contractors must consider climate-change adaptation now


Balfour Beatty CSUK sustainability director Paul Toyne explains the vital importance of contractors looking to adapt to climate change and boost resilience – and what contractors can already do to help buildings and infrastructure cope.

Roger Street project manager adaptation and resilience in the context of change

Construction is uniquely placed to help the UK adapt to a changing climate


Fierce winter storms have highlighted the UK’s vulnerability to a variable and changing climate.

Stephen Gawne partner Collyer Bristow

Biodiversity offsetting: good or bad news for developers?

Consultation on Defra’s Biodiversity Offsetting Green Paper has now closed. What will it mean for developers? 

Putting staff first propels Plunkett's expansion

P Plunkett Tiling Contractors has worked on several high-profile projects in the North-east, including Sunderland Aquatic Centre and the Gateshead MetroCentre. The company now completes work across the UK, focusing on its staff and careful planning of projects to thrive.

Digby Hebbard partner in the contentious construction team Trowers and Hamlins

What protection do your contracts offer from storm damage and delays?

The recent storms and flooding will have delayed projects by, for example, causing transport disruption to labour and suppliers. 

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