Westfield London proposed aerial view

Westfield preaches 'fewer but better' in adapting to new retail reality

Head of design and construction Keith Whitmore talks exclusively to Construction News about how Westfield is adapting to new technology by building bigger and better – and what contractors need to do to win its work.

Waitrose Malmesbury Simons Group 2

Simons hides Waitrose store from view to win hearts and minds

A new Waitrose in Wiltshire demanded extensive consultation and unusual alterations to placate local protests to its picturesque location.

University of Nottingham Chemistry Building fire Sep 14 1

What Nottingham University fire means for timber-frame construction

The blaze that destroyed the university’s new laboratory offered a stark reminder of the risks construction can face. But what impact will this incident have on the future of timber-framed builds?

Julia Evans chief executive BSRIA

Uncertainty - The enemy of investment

As senior politicians of the main political parties fly north for a final push to convince the Scottish electorate on the merit of maintaining the union, it is time to consider the implications if they return to Westminster without the ‘No’ votes they need.

A frustrated Scotsman…

A frustrated Scotsman…

In my view, there is a certain inevitability to independence in Scotland, whatever the voting results this week.

Scotland Scottish independence referendum flag cover graphic 070214.

Infrastructure funding costs could rise in independent Scotland, warns Aviva

Insurance giant Aviva has warned that infrastructure funding could become more expensive in an independent Scotland.

Energy electricity gas power nuclear power lines pylon

Exclusive: Nuclear boss forms ‘contingency plan’ for Scottish independence

Exclusive: The majority stakeholder of a major nuclear power project in the UK is forming a “contingency plan” should Scotland vote ‘yes’ to independence this week.

CN Awards 2014 Engineering Consultant finalist Aecom Rio Olympics 2016

Engineering consultants: M&A the order of the day Video

As the industry continues to recover, mergers and consolidation are coming to the fore for engineering consultants.

Heads turn to government options as housebuilder confidence returns

Housebuilder confidence returns as heads turn to government options Video

Housing has been at the forefront of recovery but continuing challenges over supply coupled with political uncertainty pose question marks over sustained growth.


FM: Changing clients and emerging sectors boost providers Video

Expectations of FM providers are shifting as the sector bids farewell to the downturn and clients re-evaluate their requirements. With an election looming and M&A continuing, where will the strongest growth be?

Achieving greater fuel efficiency in construction

The construction industry has been active in its approach to sustainability over the past few years, particularly reducing its carbon footprint.

UK electricity generation breakdown_DECC

Threat levels: Why the whole economy is at risk from lagging construction

The industry’s dwindling percentage of GDP is not just bad news for contractors but will have a huge impact on Britain’s fledgling recovery.

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