B&CE Template for tackling holiday pay

THE BUILDING and Civil Engineering benefits scheme has unveiled a new holiday pay plan following the introduction of the Working Time directive.

The B&CE board last week voted unanimously for the scheme, dubbed 'Template', which will be launched on August 2.

Under the new scheme, the B&CE will calculate holiday pay on behalf of employers.

David McManus, the B&CE's deputy marketing manager, said: 'We want to ensure this is simple, flexible and cushions the blow of the Working Time directive.'

Holiday pay under the new legislation must take into account bonuses and overtime pay.

Such calculations are complicated and time-consuming but the new B&CE scheme will help small contractors that may not have the technical systems required to do the calculations.

David Stopford, director of employment affairs at the Construction Confederation said: 'The new scheme has turned a potentially difficult situation into an advantage for employers.'

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