Millennium Dome site in £44m work bonanza

MORE than £44 million worth of further work for trade contractors is up for grabs on the Millennium Dome site in Greenwich, south-east London.

Groundworks, structural work and finishing packages will be let to trade contractors in works totalling £24 million in total.

Another tranche of work comprises constructing an enclosed 600-seat show arena which may be awarded to more than one trade contractor.

A third deal involves prefabricating and installing various support and ancillary buildings

in work totalling £5 million overall.

The design, fabrication and installation of modular buildings is called for in a £4 million package known as 'back of house facilities'.

And a final deal, valued at £3.5 million, covers the construction of an enclosure to be used as a 2,000-seat cinema.

The Sir Robert McAlpine/Laing joint venture is managing work at the Dome site for The New Millennium Experience company.

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